New Diet

I have this diet idea.
I'm going to have half a cup of cheerios (50 calories) and a quarter cup of soy milk (25 calories) every meal, and have three meals a day with no snacks in between. That makes 225 calories in a day, and makes me not feel as hungry as fasting does. This is probably a really good idea but I don't know how I can stick with it. Maybe I should make up a couple 75 calorie meals to keep me interested in my food and take in a good variety of it as well. Cheerios is the best cereal for you though and a lot of things' calories aren't that easy to monitor, especially since I eat lunch at school five days a week. I've got to figure this out.

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  1. Just switch up the soy milk flavors. Chocolate? vinalle? orginal? I love Silk, but Almond milk is great too (though a little more in calories). And throw in some fuit slices once in a while, like apple or blueberries. It's all about the flavors. Not sure if your still doing this but if you try it again.