A Poem? A Song?

My English teacher gave us a flyer for a book that wanted kids to put their own poetry in it, and the top ten winners get a fifty dollar savings bond and a free copy of the book. Uhm... okay, I know this is another corporate scam. They want you to put your poem in so you just absolutely have to buy the book and see your work in it. What's so great about that anyway? But this did get me thinking about letting other people read some of my own work. I know that the best stuff comes from some of the most important things in your life. For example... it's easy to write about a lover, or about an event such as a funeral or wedding, maybe you can write about the sky's beautiful color. But it's hard to pick up a pen and write about winter when it's autumn, isn't it? So, instead of submitting some lame ass rhymes,  I wrote something about my perception of this weight problem I have. Hope you like it.

Lilly's enemy lives inside her
But she gets through the day
She sees beauty around her
And she'll get there someway

She won't finish her dinner
Says she's had enough
Wants to make herself thinner
Says she's eaten too much

Hunger eats her insides
Soon she's stuffing her face
Fleeting triumphs diminished
Failure taking it's place

The gym is her best friend
Lilly sweats out her guilt
Running until she can't stand
She wants true looks that kill

Her mom won't stop crying
Cause she thinks she's too late
Lilly just keeps on lying
And starts walking away

She doesn't remember
When she left food behind
Lilly's hopeless surrender
From a desperate mind

You will call her a monster
But she burdens a curse
Please don't try to cure her
Cause it just makes it worse


  1. Love your poem. So beautiful. It reminds me of myself so much. Uh! Tears!

  2. I love the truth and desperation of this.

    ~another writer