Doing Well

So I've been able to stay in control. And it feels so good. I know what I'll be eating the next day before I go to bed, I wake up, and I eat it. And then I go to bed. And it feels so incredibly fulfilling and euphoric to be able to have that kind of will power, that kind of control, to be succeeding.
I'm sorry I haven't been able to post yet today, and I've barely been on PrettyThin besides.
I've been noticing something... I can't sit still for an extended period of time without a part of my body falling asleep. For example, if I'm leaning on my hand, it will fall asleep in five minutes. If I'm sitting cross legged, my feet fall asleep. I'm just wondering if this could be related to blood pressure dropping due to low caloric intake or lack of nutrients? I don't know... maybe it's nothing.

I hate the mirror.


  1. It's Nothing. maybe just poor circulation (spelling?) but BP drops would make you faint not put your limbs to sleep... I think. I mean my legs fall asleep all the time and that is what my Doc said when i asked her.... but every situation is different.

  2. Congrats!

    Dunno about your problem though.. Sometimes, when i eat unhealthy little my body responses like yours. Especially when im sitting with only my toes touching the ground, they fall asleep. damn annoying, but propably nothing to worry about.

    Wish i could stay "tuned" and keep dropping.. im at an awfull 116..! been there like forever. I want a new plateau