Does anyone else ever do this or have this?
On my iPod I have a playlist labeled "blah." which has about 10 songs about anorexia or bulimia. Blah, because it's a much less suspicious name than "Songs About How Much I Hate Myself and What I Go Through". I listen to them, because they scream the words I'm too weak to say myself. They cry the tears I hold back, and yell every flaw that I can never let escape my head.


  1. i would love to get a copy of the playlist lol i have my own with about 7 or 8 songs on them such as numbers by Pompeii or courage by superchicks please let me know your favorites i have others too :) we can share

  2. ooh check out this youtube page!
    it has some really good songs<3

  3. I got a great playlist on my itunes. It's called Aim (Mia backwards... and insperational). I can send you a copy. Find me on PT under Amanda Green.

    I was here.

  4. I do that too, with the exact name "blah"

  5. lol I have a playlist by te exact same name for exact same reason... (less suspicious) :/ full of ANA songs that help me stay strong but also make me cry... lol so thats why BLAH kinda fits as a title i guess ^_^