So Damaged, So Young

Sometimes it feels like I'm not taken seriously because of my age. I don't understand, though... am I really too young to be struggling like this? At my age, thirteen, I've had thoughts of suicide. I've gone on three day fasts and take in less than 300 calories every day, with difficulty. Sometimes I feel like I'm not thin enough for someone to see it as a problem at all when I tell them I have anorexia and bulimia. It's almost as though I can hear them thinking I'm too fat to be in trouble, it's not a big deal.

Ana, sometimes I hate that I love you.
Sometimes I just love you.
I need you right now. After all this instability and failure in other aspects of my life... please help me prove to the world that I really can do something right for once.

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  1. I'm 13 also and struggle with the same thing. I don't think your too young to have a distorted mental image of your self.
    My name is FoodUnknown on pt if you ever want to talk. x