Lowest Weight

I just reached my lowest weight again, for the first time in months.
However, my mom caught me weighing myself and I'm really worried she'll hide the scale some place else. She's convinced I've nearly recovered from the eating disorder, (HA), so I can't be positive. She wasn't upset, either. When I said, "It's not like I still have an eating disorder or anything..." she responded "Yeah, yeah, I know, youre good, your fine."
I'm going to have my first meeting with a therapist tomorrow. I don't know what I'm going to do... either actually talk to her about my problems, or keep it bottled up and continue to feed her lies about why I want to recover, what being healthy means to me, how I eat three meals a day that are good for you, etc.
I feel like I want to let it out, but I don't want to let anyone else in.


  1. If you choose the seond option... tell her you eat six smaller meals a day because you love trying new food.... It's like kissing ass and my shrink "love's to hear it".

  2. Hey uhm... idk how to message you privately so immma just say, id really like to talk to you.

  3. Hey. I did the same thing with my shrink... then she measured my weight loss over a few months and found me out. Since then I've been in a few treatments and would love to talk to you about what works.... Thanks for sharing how it really feels.

  4. HungryHouseofBone

    Hey I just went through you entire blog and I just want to say that you inspire me to do my best. I've been feeling really down lately because I don't have a scale anymore and I'm happy that you got yours back. it really helps with keeping on track.

    Thanks again and keep up the posting. You write well.

  5. do you ever worry that your mom will read it